Generation Z—have you heard what they’re saying about you?

Timeline with red sign where it is written the text generation Z, illustration of millenial generations born after the year 2000.

Generation Z—have you heard what they’re saying about you?

Making up nearly 25% of U.S. population, your generation has the power to change the world—and research shows that’s exactly what you aim to do. They use Generation Z as an umbrella term— labeling tens of millions of individuals in a way that groups all of you together—and you hate it. Your generation is more unique than any other—use it to your advantage. The older generations are still trying to understand you.

You are changing things—and in a positive way. Because of the Internet, and your love for YouTube videos, information spreads more quickly than it can be stopped. You are becoming more aware of the things that go on in the world that are just not right. This generation views injustice as unacceptable. By spreading knowledge to everyone via social media and cell phones, these injustices are starting to change. These things affect you emotionally, and you want to make a difference.

Your generation may be superheroes—but you can’t fly.

While you are striving to make a difference, don’t forget to ground yourself in the way things currently are. Research shows that nearly 70% of your population is unaware of the insurance industry. Every single person must have insurance—especially auto insurance. Inform yourselves on aspects of insurance that will affect you in your lifetime. It’s out of your control—with so many cell phones, people are paying less attention to the road, and all the sudden you are hit by someone else. Your car is totaled. You have insurance, yet you still don’t know what to do.

Contact an Authentic Provider

It’s essential to have a good policy that covers your back—especially if that other driver is uninsured. Have a one-on-one conversation with your local independent insurance agent. They will personalize your quote depending on your needs and find the cheapest but the best policy for you.

While you are out saving the world, they’ll be here ensuring your insurance needs are taken care of. Call your local independent insurance agent to get your quote.

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