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The First 5 Things to Do After an Auto Accident

November 14, 2019 /

These are the 5 key steps to take after an auto accident.

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How Getting Married Changes Your Insurance Landscape

November 13, 2019 /

Marriage Changes Things…Including Your Insurance.

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Is My Insurance Company Out to Screw Me?

November 12, 2019 /

Unsatisfactory Experiences Happen in Every Industry. Insurance is not Exempt.

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When Should I Drop Comprehensive Coverage on My Older Car?

November 11, 2019 /

If You Have an Older Car Dropping Comprehensive Coverage Can Be a Smart Idea

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Having Food Delivered to Your Home? There May Be Liability Risks

November 8, 2019 /

Having supper delivered to your door sure can be convenient, but it also can increase your exposure to a liability claim in a slip or fall. Here’s how to ensure you are covered.

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It’s Time to Start Adulting: Getting Life Insurance When You Graduate

November 7, 2019 /

Getting life insurance when you graduate will help cover any car loans, credit card debt and even your student loans. Learn why life insurance is a good step in adulting.

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Are “Acts of God” a Thing When it Comes to Insurance?

November 6, 2019 /

What are “acts of God” and will you be covered in the event of one? The answer is yes, no and maybe. Read our article on “acts of God” and how you may or may not be covered by these perils.

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Preexisting Conditions and Insurance

November 5, 2019 /

Learn why pre-existing conditions play such an important role in the insurance industry. Know when and how you will, and will not, be covered.

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Buying a Car? Why You Should Call Your Independent Insurance Agent First

November 4, 2019 /

Price, fuel costs and financing aren’t the only factors involved in the total costs of owning a vehicle. Your insurance premiums will play a big role which is why you should contact an independent insurance agent prior to purchase.

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Beware the Backyard Trampoline

November 1, 2019 /

Are you sure your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover you in case of an injury or liability claim resulting from your backyard trampoline? Check before you risk it all for a little backyard fun.

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