The Agent-Insured Relationship


The Agent-Insured Relationship

Do you ever use the online quote service to purchase your insurance? From your perspective, it might be easier and quicker to buy your insurance that way. However, it may benefit you to consider the benefits of communicating with an agent while purchasing your insurance.

For the Insured: Finding an insurance agent can help you get through a time of crisis, should you ever have to file a claim. An authentic, prompt insurance agent may just be worth the time and efforts to find him/her. During your crisis, you will know exactly who to call. Having already begun a relationship with your agent, this process can be a little easier and more pain-free. You will have someone who knows exactly what to do through this process that can make you feel comforted and taken care of.

For the Agent: Knowing exactly who your clients are will benefit your business. While writing their quote, you can ask them exactly what their assets are and ensure the proper protection. You should know all you can about all their coverages and seek out the perfect coverage for your client. It’s important to have a relationship with them to care for their needs. Prompt responses to your clients to promote your business. This kind of care for your clients can result in referrals to their friends and family.

The relationship becomes mutualistic. Both parties can benefit from the Agent-insured relationship. Utilizing your insurance agent makes the insurance more than just a bill that comes out of your account every month.

 By: KayLynn

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