Why Choose an ICA Agency Alliance Preferred Agent?

Insurance is an essential but somewhat complicated tool for the protection of your personal and/or your business well being. There are many outlets to purchase insurance protection for your possessions and 3rd party liability exposures ranging in price from very cheap to expensive, depending on the amount of coverage you may need or want.

The internet is a place where you can go to buy insurance, often very inexpensively, but with little understanding of what coverage you may have and a sense of not knowing if it is adequate for your needs. The last place you want to find out if you are lacking the right protection is when you have a large loss. You may be facing a significant direct financial expense to replace or repair your possessions. You may also have a potential 3rd party liability claim against you for unintended actions and not have the backup of a good legal defense to defend you and pay a large settlement on your behalf if needed without the fear of losing your financial security.

Property/liability insurance agents are a great source of information and have products available to protect your property liability exposures with a wide range of pricing. The challenge is to find one that has the experience and training to offer the best solution at the best price. Do you know if your agent has 5 years of experience recommending insurance protection or does he or she have 1 year of experience 5 times over without the continuing knowledge of changes in the industry and consumer trends?

Preferred Insurance Agents at ICA Agency Alliance, Inc. are confident in their knowledge of the industry and changes in the way consumers want to informed about what they get by purchasing insurance protection. ICA provides one of a kind training and education to its Preferred Insurance Agents by continually offering new and innovative training on the rapidly changing technology world around us. It is no longer acceptable for insurance agents to offer a boilerplate type of insurance protection, covering even the smallest of potential losses, at a high fixed cost. Consumers want to be informed on what they need and only want to purchase the insurance protection that makes the most sense at the lowest cost. ICA Preferred Agents are trained in the latest coverages and how to assemble them together to offer the best coverage at the best price. You can’t do that on the internet or get that kind of service from an insurance agent who does not keep pace with the rapidly changing high tech world.

ICA Agency Alliance Preferred Agents