Defeat Boredom in the Winter

As a parent, the winter can get dreary. Sitting indoors with your kids all day makes the whole family a little stir crazy. When the kids start to get hyper, and you need a break, there are options. This list is like a bucket-list for your kids for the winter time. It may be cold, but you can still find fun things to do!

  • If it snows, have a snowball fight
  • Build a snowman
  • If there’s enough snow, make an igloo
  • Make hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • Go-kart racing
  • Laser tag.
  • Escape rooms. You get a set of clues and a certain amount of time to figure out how to break out of the room!
  • Trampoline parks. Kids go crazy over jumping into a pit of foam blocks.
  • Take them skiing or snowboarding.
  • Museums can be fun, if you find the right one. Make it enjoyable and educational. You could make a game out of it–have your kids write down everything they learned, the child with the most gets to pick the next activity!
  • Find an arcade, give them a few dollars, and kick back on the bench with a book. Or, play a few arcade games yourself.
  • If there’s a local place to paint ceramics, take your kids there. It’s fun for the both of you.
  • Ice-skating is also fun for the whole family.
  • Build a fort with a view of the TV, make some popcorn and have a movie night.
  • Spend the day playing board games and card games.
  • Finish a puzzle, glue it together, and hang it up on the wall!
  • Find a place to volunteer with the kids. At the animal shelter, or your local nursing home, teach them the morals behind donating your time to those who need it!
  • Visit the local library. Pick up some movies and books. Reward your kids for finishing chapter books to encourage them to read more.
  • Get out the costumes and play dress up!
  • Have your kids help you bake cookies. They can learn how to measure out the ingredients. Once the cookies are finished baking, they can decorate them with colored icing, sprinkles, etc.!
  • Play with Play-Dough, or shaving cream, or make your own slime!
  • Go to a movie at the theater.
  • Fill the bath with bubbles and other bath toys, like bathroom chalk!
  • Have a real-life tea party.
  • Invite your kids’ friends over for a play-date.
  • Indoor crafts.

The list could go on forever. Don’t let the winter blues get to you, you can still enjoy your free time with your kids!

By: KayLynn P.

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